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As interpreters, we are the mouth of those we translate for. With this in mind, we know that translation is critical to ensuring refugees access care. Our translation team, made up almost entirely of refugees, work every day of the week providing translation services.

Our team currently translates in both the RIC Mavrovouni Camp in Lesvos, as well as in the Mytilini Vostaneio hospital. Recently, we have started translating for other actors on request. The demand for translation is high and our team members proudly speak more than twenty languages, cumulatively. Trainings and resources are offered to the team to ensure their knowledge of medical terms is up to date. We are proud to provide translation whenever it is requested and have felt privileged to know such a diverse group who are all united in helping communicate the needs of the patients.

In Athens, we are providing hundreds of translations a month, in collaboration with several NGOs and hospitals. Read more about our Athens project here

We are proud to offer translation services for over a dozen organisations across Greece.