Complex Medical Cases Program

The need for medical care is essential for everyone. In refugee camps, medical care can feel like a luxury. We believe it shouldn't. This is why we work with medical actors to ensure that those who need specialized medical services are able to access them. This may range from providing wheelchairs, to arranging MRIs, to diagnostic neurological exams. See below for some stories of people we have been able to help through this program. All names and identifying information have been changed where requested, in accordance with our commitment to privacy. 

Amir* is under five years old and suffers from an illness that made him unable to walk. A medical actor asked if we could facilitate special care for him. Within one week, we were able to meet with a private specialist who prescribed medication. Due to his family's situation, we were happy to cover the cost of the visit as well as the medication. Soon after we witnessed a complete transformation: the boy who had been crying in pain was skipping and giggling. While Amir will need lifelong medical intervention and secure housing, we were happy to be a part of facilitating his care.

After facing years of uncertainty, M's psychological and physical well-being deteriorated. When her family had to flee their home country, she witnessed and experienced an overwhelming amount of violence. As such, her body has reacted to the psychological distress. When we met her, she was no longer able to walk and prefers to not communicate with anyone except her family. Her father requested a wheelchair for her as she was no longer walking. We happened to have a wheelchair that fit her perfectly.